Inspira Wellness Prompt Sheets

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The free wellness prompt bundle is a downloadable PDF that includes six different fillable sheets. The different sheets include:

1. Yearly habit tracker. This sheet includes a yearly calendar overview for 2022. Simply write the habit you are trying to create or break, and give yourself a green dot on the days you stay on track, and a red dot on the days you do not. You can also use checkmarks or whatever method suits you best! Habit trackers are great for tracking binge eating, workouts, and much more. 

2. Self reflection prompts. This sheet is designed to help you reflect on what is truly holding you back. Use it as an opportunity to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions. 

3. Vision board. This sheet is simply a space for you to map your vision. You can draw, write, create a collage, etc. Fill your page with things you want to see in your future. Whether that be a personal transformation or a dream job or car, give yourself the opportunity to be creative and get excited for your future.

4. "Back on track" prompts. This sheet is to help you get back on track when you are struggling to re-form good habits. Fill it out the night before you want to try again. Get in the right headspace. Plan your day - your meals, your exercise, and your goals. When you set yourself up for success the night before, it makes it a lot easier for you to stick to your goals throughout the day.

5. "A letter to myself." This sheet is for both reflection and letting go. Be honest with yourself. What do you want in life? How will you feel if you do not get it? What traumas or fears are holding you back? Write it all down, then let it go. You can burn it, rip it, or throw it out. You can also keep it to look back on in the future. But when you stop writing, stop thinking. Leave your worries on the page and let yourself move on. 

6. Mood tracker. This sheet is for tracking your mood throughout the months. There are 31 individual spaces to accommodate all the months. Choose five different colours for each of the included moods. Then use those colours to fill in each day. For example, let's say you choose purple as your "happy" mood. If you have a happy day on the 3rd of the month, fill in that section purple. By the end of the month, your daily moods will fill up the sky. Do this monthly to see how your mood changes throughout the year.

These sheets are free to download but cannot be re-uploaded or sold. 

Inspira Wellness Prompt Sheets

Inspira Wellness Prompt Sheets