Hello, there!

Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Jordan and I am the creator and owner of Inspira. 

To explain a bit about me - I grew up about an hour and a half north of Toronto. I have always loved learning and school. I was the kid who counted down the days until I got to go back to school, and for a long time, I considered "back to school" shopping to be the most exciting day of the year.

My love of school did not stop in childhood. I went on to study in university and earn three degrees - one bachelors and two masters. If I could, I would be a lifelong student as a career, but as I am sure you can imagine... there's not much money in being a student.

In 2016 while studying for my first masters degree, I embarked on a health journey that resulted in my 130lbs weight loss. I had struggled with my body and food for my entire life and in an attempt to connect with others who felt the same, I created an Instagram account dedicated to my weight loss called @jordanshrinks. I never could have imagined what would become of my little Instagram account, but I am beyond blessed and lucky to have been able to turn a tool I used for health into a career.

For a few years, I documented my experiences with weight loss, weight loss maintenance, binge eating recovery, body dysmorphia, loose skin, confidence, and more. I have now maintained my weight loss for over five years, which is an accomplishment I hold dearly to my heart. As time went on, I realized that while creating weight loss content was very rewarding, it was not my passion. I do not have a dream job. I am simply someone who wishes to live their life doing something they love. That's when I created Inspira. 

I have loved and collected stationery for my entire life. As I said... back to school shopping day was like my Christmas. In 2020, I launched Inspira's first product: a wellness planner. The planner was designed to help those who want to live healthier lives, whether that means losing weight, gaining weight, or simply finding a balance that works. The planner was a huge success. I am still so unbelievably grateful for all the amazing people who supported my first launch. I am a one-woman business. I put my heart into every product I create. Inspira has been a very challenging endeavour. The world of sustainable manufacturing is not easy to navigate, but I am constantly learning... and as you know, I love learning.

My vision for Inspira is to provide beautifully unique stationery items in a way that does not harm people or the planet. Sustainable and ethical manufacturing are very important to me. I am proud knowing that the products I sell are made with sustainable materials and made by people who receive adequate pay for their labour. The paper industry can be an exploitative one. Inspira only works with manufacturers that are FSC-certified.

I am excited for the future of Inspira. My childhood self screams in joy every time I am reminded I own a stationery company. Thank you for being here and for supporting my dreams.